Nature centric

intentional community

Where you come to find the others.

Our goal is to create and nurture a community who want to live in harmony with nature, who want to live off the grid, have homes, gardens, workshops, education, recreation and community. People who want to teach, learn, grow and live community sufficient, socially rewarding lives. We want to make it affordable and accessible to anyone who is ready to live it.

The only way we can have long term healthy lives on earth is to change the way live, how we grow food, use fuel treat each other and nature.

Our goal is to facilitate the connections and infrastructure of like minded people to find one another, assist their colaboration in affording to buy a large enough pieces of land and to facilitate the agreements and systems that will make it possible for people like you to connect with others and get the land and support you need. We are building a self funding network of people and resourses to make this way of life accessable and affrordable for the people who are ready to live it!

Cohabitat is working towards developing locally funded and run organisations. We want to connect people and increase the accessability, affordability and viability of nature based agroecological lifestyles for people who are ready and give them the tools to get there.

So if you like the ideology, no matter where you are, get in touch, get in touch, and be the change.

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